Jun 18, 2010

One Day Left.

Today is 18th of June 2010. And I will be going to register for Polytechnic on 21st of June. My family and I will be heading to Perlis (North) on 19th of June. YES! 19th of JUNE! So, I just have another ONE day only to be in Bangi. Anyone who wants to meet me, call me as long as you have a transportation to pick me up.

Issssshh... Asal macam essay budak sekolah ni? Merapu2 je. But, yesss! I will be heading to the North of Malaysia this saturday (tomorrow). Like I said just now, please call me to make any appointment if you really wish to see me. I got only this one day to hang out with you guys. Sesiapa yg taknak jumpa tu, SENYAP SUDAH! tak payah nak menggelabah kutuk2 I kat blakang. Fed up je kalau dengar dari mulut orang lain. =.="

Ok. After this, I dah kena hidup sorang2 which has the same meaning with "berdikari". Oh yeahh, actually mmg I tak biasa hidup mcm tu.. But I'll try. With my heart that is full with Self-confidence. And to make my parents proud of their second son :)

Disebabkan I cam nak gi jauh dari Bangi ni, so, I nak say sorry to all of my friends if I did something wrong to you guys. Especially, my best friends, Irfan Amir, Amir Khalid, Izyan Suria, Amin Doa, Alif Asyraf, and Ilham. Sorry ok, kalau I ada buat salah apa2 ngan korang... I hope you guys could wish me for the best in my life. And yeah! Of course I do feel sad for this crap. But, I don't have any other choice(s). It's my fate. It's my long-journey of my life. I know, God (Allah) knows the best for me. Seriously I sedih. Idk how to calm myself down cause I'm still crying while typing this. Anyone, HANG OUT!? TODAY IS MY LAST DAY!

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