Jun 19, 2009

Love Me, Hate Me:

Okay. FYI, i would rather being straight. but im not too straight for certain things. it's right, hirzi as a human does not like to be back-stabbed and to do back-stabbing. so, dont make me stab you. because the only way to make me do that such thing is stab me. btw, im a teenager tht have become a teenager. i think you need to know me, im not a childish person as you are. at the same time, i would like to let you know, i could love friends who loves me and i could hate friends who hates me. but friends, im so sorry because i dont like to start a conversation with anyone. but but but i really like to give responses when you try to know me or start a conversation. so now, you love me or you hate me? it's up to you. all the things i know is I AM JUST WHO I AM. arrogant? me? oh, MAYBE IT'S YOU, babes. come on, GROW UP!

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