Jul 12, 2009

Oh, school. Oh, friends.

oh damn it or happy with it? whatever happened, im going to leave my school in about 4 months ONLY! OMG! im not too sad for leaving the teachers there. but, but, i'll miss all of the memories with my friends at school. yeah well, i like to bahan orang. i like to hug danial hafez. :'( oh, too bad to leave it. it's FOREVER! not only a day, not only a month, not only a year. IT IS FOREVER. then, i think i should miss all those things even FOREVER.

but what can i do ? im just going to say "GOODBYE FRIENDS!" when i've done my Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia. yeah, im very sure i could not see all of my friends after that. maybe it's only for certain friend which is still contacting me. but, it's not satisfied enough. i really hope i can see you guys for the rest of my life. anyway, I LOVE YOU GUYS. im begging, please dont hide yourself from me when the school session finished forever. im begging. pleaseee..

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