Nov 12, 2009

Needing Needs

When I need something important, I need to ask for it. Don't just let myself to be quiet. When I need to ask for something, I need to be confident. don't just let myself to be coward. but then, I am too quiet to ask. I am too coward to tell the world about everything I needed. because I know that the things I do really need are too hard to get. They are too special to compare with me. They are too high to achive. And yes, I admit. Everyone is in need. And everything they need are too important for them. Same as me, I need too many important things. A very happy family. A very faith and good friend. A very high education. And also a lover. How can I get those? I am quiet. I am coward. Do I need to kill everyone that I hate to get those things? It's a question of my life which can never been answered by anyone but me. I am stuck to think about those things. Why am I?

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