Apr 22, 2010

Thanks All :D

Yes, I know, today is 22nd of April. and I think I was late to update my blog. hahaha. but, there're some reasons why I didn't update this blog earlier. nvm, just forget bout it lah. malas nak cerita panjang2. kalau nak tau, I ni memang pemalas. hahaha.

Okay, actually, I update this blog today pun, just wanna say thank you.
thank you for who??? hah! meh sini i buat ayat kaw2. hahaaha

Thanks for those about 80 people (friends, family, strangers) who wished me for my Birthday. Especially my best friend, Amir Khalid, the one who treated me for so many things and for Alif Asyraf, the one who organized our flour party. Seriously, I really appreciate you guys. Thank you so damn much, friends. I love you guys :)

*Happy 18th Birthday, Ridhwan Azam :D
*Amir Khalid has the same birth date with me, but he was on 1993 :)
*I got so many friends which has the same birth date with me. hahaha

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