Aug 17, 2011

When "Back To December" was not on December.

Hi, guys! Such a long time did not update my blog. I'm so sorry. But yeah, here I am. Got nothing special to tell ya. Yeah, even though shit happens in life, on and on and whatsoever bla bla bla, life must go on. To lazy to type all those shits on this untidy wall. Haha. Well, in this long-time-not-update-my-blog period, I've done so many things. Interesting things. Uninteresting things, included. By the way, I am currently active on Twitter!

Oh, you must be wondering why this post title was like that huh? Hahaha. Back to December? It sounds like the title of a Taylor Swift's song correct? Yeah yeah. I admit it, I like the song. And now I don't know what I was thinking about. Just to show you my talent (I'm not talented, seriously). Hahaha. I did this video just for fun, actually. I like the song. I like to play guitar. But I don't know how to sing since I have such a TOAD VOICE (Pity Me!). Ok, here we go! Hope you like it. Enjoy it. Love it.


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