Mar 6, 2011

Paramore and Tweet Tweet!

Hi Readers!
Sorry sgt lama tak update according to the my business and the broadband coverage right here. Sangat leceh utk buka Blogger. And finally I'm here. Dapat jugak buka. Hahhaha.

Okay, actually benda ni dah lama I nak cerita. Err.. Bukan cerita, I cam nak express skit la pasal benda ni. It's about Paramore. Yeah, my fav band PARAMORE! Maybe ada yg tahu and ada yg taktahu. So, I tetap nak bagitahu about my disappointment. Josh Farro and Zac Farro has left the band! And I was like, "For what?" You guys know that it's not gonna be easy for Hayley and the rest of the band members to find a new guitarist and a new drummer. IT'S NOT EASY! (If I could, I would! Hehe.).  You guys were on a very good condition. Didn't you guys feel comfortable with it? Come on. It's PARAMORE. Who doesn't know PARAMORE? PARAMORE is a very big name! You guys are so not thankful. Paramore were perfect with you guys. Well what can I do? NOTHING yeah EXACTLY NOTHING! Go on with your life, Farro Brothers. And I don't believe I'm going to say this, but believe me, Novel American will not gonna be as AWESOME as PARAMORE. Remember that! Thank you. But, Hayley, Jeremy, and Taylor, don't worry. I'm here, as your big fan is not gonna take Paramore away from my heart. I love you guys! You guys are the real rockers! <3 <3 <3

Pheww.. And now I'm telling you, I am currently using Twitter. And I am minimizing my Facebook Activities. Anything to be informed and anything to be asked, please Follow me on and . And please, no annoying questions on my Formspring. This type of questions WILL NOT BE ANSWERED. Thank You.


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