Sep 5, 2012

Cartoon Notebook

Hi, guys. This is going to be a very short post, perhaps.

So, this evening, after class finished, I went to a bookstore in Arau to grab pens as my pens are out of ink. So critical. But, after grabbing two pens, I walked around the shop and thinking of buying another notebook for my notes cause my current notebook is so untidy. So, I was thinking to manage the notes by subjects. I looked for some thin notebooks but there was just only a type that's thin which was Disney cartoon notebook. I looked at them 3 times, but still didn't pick one up. So, the fourth attempt was to let me choose the cover printed on the book and I found one that looks not really feminine. Winnie The Pooh's picture printed on the cover. So, I decided to grab it.

*Mind my crap quality pictures. Used webcam. Didn't have any better camera.

So, there it is. Does it look feminine? Because the other designs were much feminine. So, I picked this one up because it doesn't look that feminine. Just cute. LOL. Well then, when I get to pay for stuffs I was buying, the cashier girl looked at me for about thousands of times and gave me that cynically creative smile when she's scanning the bar code of the notebook. WHATTT?? Like guys can't love something that's cute? It would be ok if she smiled for once. But she got about thousands of (that kind of) smile for me. She looked at me, she looked at the book. She look at me, she looked at the book. And I was pretty annoyed with her act there. Then I just take my stuffs while I winked at her (while smiling) and just go. 

It's not that I've never bought something cute somewhere else. In fact I did. I bought the Mickey Mouse notebook from Koperasi in my campus. I didn't get any of that kind of smile. I'm still wondering, why? It's not a crime to buy such cute things. Cute things aren't only for girls, you d*mn cashier girl. LOL. Next time, I wanna buy more cute things available in that bookstore. Seriously. I wanna see her reaction more. And then, I'll say, "YES! I LOVE CUTE THINGS! YOU HAVE ANY PROBLEM WITH THAT?" HAHAHAH!

Oh btw, this is the look of the first Disney notebook I bought at the Koperasi;

*Mind my crap quality pictures. Used webcam. Didn't have any better camera.

Well maybe this one doesn't show any cuteness now. But actually I bought this because I found cuteness in it at the first place. Nothing to be disputed. ;D

Well, I guess the short post have been a long post for you. Hehe. But fortunately, (for you) that's all I want to say for this entry. Thank you for reading. Have nice days ahead, InsyaALLAH. :)


haz said...

it's not really feminine. instead, it looks sooo cute! haha. btw maybe the cashier girl gave that kind of smile because she had a crush on u. perhaps? hahaha

Hirzi Fauzan said...

LOL! Err, maybe? But, really? If she likes me, then she's blind. I'm no handsome. *cry*